Smileys - Ryan Callanan

Smileys - Ryan Callanan

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Hand painted glass, fibreglass relief painted with cellulose high gloss yellow paint.

  • Smileys Powerpill
  • 800mm diameter x 70mm Depth
  • Edition of 10
  • Signed by the artist
  • Bespoke fibreboard frame
Ryan began a series of works using the smiley face synonymous with acid house rave culture in the 1980s. Working in bas-relief, this iconic motif was re-contextualised by rendering it in material and style usually associated with traditional pub signs - gold inlay and black lacquered background.

Important to all Ryan’s work to date is this concept of the cross reference: taking one item out of its context and splicing it with another to create something that feels familiar but whose meaning is subtly shifted. This is certainly the case in our selection of Smileys.

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