Maple Rhino Chest - Ico Parisi

Maple Rhino Chest - Ico Parisi

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A unique Maple Rhino Chest by Ico Parisi from the Zoo Mobili collection.
Last quarter 20th century

Ico Parisi Rhino chest , 1992.

This maple chest was one of Parisi’s last designs.

A nod to the work of Bruno Gambone and his Animali Fantastici collection of ceramics and sculptures, this whimsical chest is a classic embodiment of the type of work that makes you smile. And we have always loved those at Lamberty.

Parisi was one of the panoply of architects and designers who emerged in northern Italy as a world design force in the 1950’s. His typically north Italian angular style stands alongside luminary contemporaries as Gio Ponti, Carlo Mollino, and Aldo Tura.

For me Mollino produced the best and most imaginative seat furniture, Ponti the best chests, and Tura the most desirable coloured vellum coffee tables.

Parisi furniture is still good value, along with that of Paulo Buffa, whose work is typified by repeated pyramidal forms in relief.

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