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I first met him around 2011 in a pub in Hackney where he was having a small show. We got to talking and he gave me a little tour of his mural works in the area. I was smitten. There was something so fragile and emotionally sincere about the carefully crafted poses of these androgynous every men and every women. Stik is not easy. But he has not had an easy life, with a background of homelessness on the streets. On every occasion I have sold pieces for him he has requested me to pay the monies to charities close to his heart. He is magnanimous.  

We have had our falling outs, but we have kissed and made up. The monetisation of street art does not sit easily with the artists, and I fully understand the antagonistic nature of this relationship. Stik’s star continues to rise. He is one of the greats of the Street Art wave, which is the most important art movement of a generation. His works are rare, as he carefully produces only a few creations a year. Mostly prints these days and, of course, large scale public works. His latest work at Phillips auction sold for £194,000. A print at Dreweatts Aynhoe Park January 2021 sold for £100,000. A work was sold at Christies Aynhoe Park by Lamberty in 2012. This was the first ever Stik piece to go to auction to bring him to a wider audience in the art world. We have possibly sold more Stik works than anybody else. Once you buy one it seems no-one ever wants to part with it. Contact me if you wish to know more.

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