Banksy is of course anonymous to most people. He is well protected by a crew of fellow artists and friends who are loyal to him, which speaks something about the man. I’m pretty sure he came to my gallery once… There is not much I can write about him here that has not been written already. His market, which I always backed, has rocketed lately and you will soon be hard pressed to buy a good image for under £1m. It’s also a tiresome market to operate in now because sellers vacillate and owners watch his latest auction results like a hot stock exchange. Basically you are going to have to pay over current market to get some skin in the game. We have sold a lot of Banksy, and I’m not crying that I didn’t keep some. It’s my role to broker art sales, and that is what I continue to do. As a matter of opinion, these are the best images - Girl with a Balloon Laugh Now Bomb Hugger Happy Choppers No Ball Games Golf Sale The Ballerina If you want to undertake an interesting small read, go for Existencilism. Exit Through the Gift Shop is a good watch. Then of course The Banksy Job for a good bit of nonsense, [with a cameo role by yours truly].