My Chosen Artists

Modern and contemporary art holds a firm fascination for all of us. Is this because it shows a mirror to our own society, blesses our lives with a commentary that serves our vanity, invites speculation that serves our ego? Perhaps all of these things and many more. It’s certainly the most vibrant arena. But a word of warning, it’s generally a game for people with deep pockets. 98% of the global annual turnover in modern art is confined to the preserves of 20 artists. So you want join me in picking the next investable greats at entry prices? Not so easy. Let’s start with my hundred year rule - We at Lamberty only sell things which we consider will still be artistically excellent and relevant in 100 years’ time.

Next - we look for the following


Artists comment on the same things through the ages, but they should express this in a novel and exciting way that reflects the particular mores of a contemporary culture. Our current culture is all about the self - so the art has to say, ‘Hey look at me, I own this’.

Technique and material

An artist should be using modern materials in a special way. I personally can’t stand Jeff Koons, but I can see the appeal in highly polished pink poodles. Nothing does the ‘Hey look at me’ better than a 30 foot shiny pink balloon poodle.


The artist should have a very defined original aesthetic alphabet. I want to be able to walk into a room and go - ‘oh, you have a Robin Coleman’.

Is it emotionally engaging and moving

Does it have the wow! factor, the oooh factor, the ahhh factor?

And finally you should now be able to ask yourself  - is it timelessly good?

Welcome to the magician’s big tent. The art world is alchemy, and you too can turn base metal into gold if you buy the next Banksy for £5000 or £50,000. Some little figures about banksy, who I have been telling everyone who wants to hear that he is the next Warhol and buy buy buy. 3 years ago I sold a Banksy Girl with a Balloon print for £80,000. A gold one [rarer] just sold in china for £1.1m. More of all this in the Street Art section.

There are only 4 artists listed here under the Lamberty Contemporary banner, for good reasons

It’s hard to find artists that fit my criteria for ‘timelessly good’. There simply are not that many. From a whole 150 years of the Renaissance there are probably 50 superb artists that command top money in the art market.

Artists are people. It necessarily requires a relationship between galleries and artist to drive a successful relationship. Artists are generally both free spirits and have fragile egos. Not so easy to manage.

Abdullah Qandeel, Robin Coleman, Halliday Avray Wilson and Chris Moon comprise my chosen artists

They are all very different, but they are all special. Im pleased to say we have been with them for a long time and all have increased their market price in the secondary market - ie when an artist’s work is offered at open auction.

I have close working relationships with each of them and I get the best pieces.

So. Other market picks - I’ll put my reputation on the line and give you 3 more recommendations to purchase. So here, apart from the Lamberty stable of artists, are my market picks for you.

  • Early black and blue impasto works by Pierre Soulage
  • Retna
  • Georges Mathieu

Welcome to the big tent, where we put beautiful art on your wall, which is nicer to look at than share certificates, and can be a lot more enjoyable and profitable!